Fundamental Principles of MOHAI

1. Work to protect the people of Myanmar from the abuses of the military junta and to safeguard the security of the public where people can sleep peacefully at night.

2. Work to destroy the entire administration of the military and to destroy the Junta’s attempt to establish military rule by whatever means necessary.

3. Work to establish a security sector where the public can participate in an attempt to be free from the inhumane killings of the Junta, in accordance with their right to practice self-defence and self-determination.

4. Work to build local, district, and township level community-based organisations and reject all military rule while making sure the people and the local communities have the power and representation by practicing a public administrative system which pertains to the people’s corporation.

5. Work to build a Democratic Governance System where transparency, honesty, accountability, trust and loyalty to the people matter.

6. Work to ensure that citizens and non-citizens will be allowed to enter and leave the country in accordance with the laws, and the movement of non-citizens in the country will be regulated in accordance with existing laws.

7. Work collaboratively with international and local organisations to make humanitarian, social welfare, and development plans in order to help the people recover from economic collapse and livelihood difficulties caused by the military coup in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

8. Work towards building the long-awaited Federal Democratic Union in accordance with the Federal Democratic Charter along with the relevant organisations in a collective and realistic manner.

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