Deputy Union Minister

Khu Hte Bu

Deputy Union Minister

Deputy Minister H.E. Khu Hte Bu was born in Karenni State, Hpruso Township, Htyay Paw So Village in 1959. He actively advocated for equality, justice, development, and self-efficacy for the people of Karenni and Myanmar for more than 40 years. When he was 23 in 1982, he secretly joined the Karenni National Progressive Party – KNPP underground cells and stepped into the world of politics. In 1985, he eventually became a permanent member of the KNPP. In the Karenni Administrative Region, he served as a teacher for the schools opened by the local administration. He also served as the Director of Education for Loikaw District and member of the Karenni Army. 

Starting from 1994, he served as the Deputy Administrator of Loikaw District for the KNPP-led Karenni Administration’s Home Affairs Department, as well as the District Guerrilla Commander for the army. From 2001 to 2012, he served as the Deputy Minister for the department and managed general administrative operations, security functions, rural developments, and public assemblies.

In 1996, the military committed atrocities on the people of Karenni including brutally burning down villages, killing civilians, and numerous violent acts. As a result, tens of thousands of Karenni people had to flee to the Thai border. Deputy Minister H.E. Khu Hte Bu formed the Refugee Committee to help displaced war victims and led the advocacy and consultation efforts on their safety and livelihood until now. With regards to the basic education of the children fleeing from war, he managed to develop IDPs Mobile Educational Program in collaboration with Karenni Rainbow Organisation. He also founded the Karenni Social Welfare and Development Centre (KSWDC) and carried out emergency relief operations, mobile basic healthcare services, and other development activities.

From 2001 to 2011, during a ten-year period, he led a youth development program and developed education and job opportunity paths for Karenni youths. He is also currently serving as an advisor for KSWDC.

H.E. Khu Hte Bu has persistently supported youth development and motivation , while actively participating in person. In 1992, formed a working committee to establish the Karenni National Youth Organisation (KNYO). Due to his successive accomplishments, he was appointed as the General Secretary of KNYO. In addition, he also served as the team leader of the Nationalities Youth Forum, hosted by Shan Karenni Youth (SKY), for four years.

From 2004 to 2011, he served as the president of the Ethnic Community Development Forum (ECDF), formed by multi-ethnic groups including Shan, Kachin, Mon, Rakhine, Chin, Karen, and Karenni. His responsibilities included preserving traditions, documentations, identifying rules and policies for property and land management, community-based activities, and establishing a Karenni Land Policy.

In 2013, with the support of Nippon Foundation based in Japan, he collaborated with Thai Japan Education Development Foundation and founded the Karenni Ecological Farming Centre. The Centre was relocated to No. (1) District, Loikaw, Par Lou village in 2016 and it has proudly raised more than 200 agricultural experts. 

In 2016, he participated in the Union-level Peacemaking Work Committee founded by the Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) and was also the leader of the State Level Peace Team. As a leader of the State Level Peace Team, he consulted and worked on statewide peacekeeping and development efforts, transportation, and provision of sufficient drinking water for the locals. He also helped open “Seh Tow Ro Learning Centre” in Hpruso for underprivileged youths.

Starting from late 1990, the Deputy Minister Khu Hte Bu specialised in English, Community Development and other Federal related courses at the Federal University which was located in Marnal Palaw, a controlled zone for the Karen National Union, and operated by the National Democratic Front (NDF), alliance forces of the EAOs. In 1998, he attended the first Foreign Affairs Training organised and hosted by the All Burma Student Democratic Front (ABSDF) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He also participated in a 4-month long study tour program which emphasised Public Administration, Development and People’s Movements in the Philippines and other related topics sponsored by the Initiatives for International Dialogues (IID). In addition, he also observed the Peacemaking efforts by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in Southern Philippines. Before being involved in politics, H.E Khu Hte Bu worked as a general teacher in his native town . He also worked for the Ministry of Forestry for 3 years.